Executive Director’s Message

By Thomas W. Bahr, Executive Director

Bargaining season is in full swing, the summer is winding down, and the WPPA continues forward. During the past several months the WPPA has been busy on several fronts.

Let me begin by saying that I was honored when the WPPA Board of Directors offered me the position of your Executive Director. Since 1932, the WPPA has led the cause for many issues which have affected our members, without whose support and involvement we would not have achieved the many successes that we have over these years. I hope that recent events will serve to remind us that no one person is the WPPA. This organization will, as it has in … Continue reading

President’s Message

By David J. Mahoney, WPPA President

Comments and letters can be sent to President Mahoney at WPPA, 340 Coyier Lane, Madison, WI 53713, or e-mail mahoney@wppa.com.

Where did the summer go?

As this issue of the Wisconsin Police Journal reaches each of our members, we find ourselves entering a new fall season of changing colors, changing temperatures, and for many of our children, a change in schools. At WPPA, we are experiencing some changes as well. The Board of Directors, by its Personnel Committee, conducted interviews with four of the eight candidates who applied for the Executive Director’s position, and as a result, unanimously recommended to the WPPA Board of Directors that our Interim Director be … Continue reading

WPPA Service Awards

The WPPA Awards Committee invites you to send in your nominations for WPPA service awards. Individuals may be nominated for deeds or actions that occurred between January 1 and December 31, 2004. The committee will meet in February to review nominations and select the award recipients.

Send a letter of nomination identifying the individual or individuals, the date of the occurrence, and describe the event and its circumstances. Copies of media coverage may be included and must show the name of the newspaper and date printed.

Send your nomination and supporting documentation to the WPPA Awards Committee, 340 Coyier Lane, Madison, Wisconsin 53713. The deadline is February 1, 2005. Nominations received after February 1 will not be considered.

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Capitol Commentary

James L. Palmer, II
WPPA Legislative Lobbyist

The following is an excerpt of testimony presented to the State Senate Select Committee on State and Local Government Relations in a hearing held on August 31, 2004.

*   *   *

Mr. Chairman and Distinguished Members of the Committee:

As Wisconsin’s largest law enforcement organization, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association appreciates the opportunity to discuss ways in which the State can become more efficient in delivering public services to its people. The WPPA’s members possess a first-hand appreciation of how the decisions of state and local officials impact their ability to safeguard their communities.

For many years, a public debate has transpired as to how Wisconsin’s state and local governments can … Continue reading