Do you think your employer should be able to change your health insurance without your agreement?

The State Legislature actually considered legislation to allow just that. Although this bill has not yet not become law, it and other bills limiting your ability to bargain with your employer will be considered next year by your elected officials.

The upcoming elections will directly impact you and your family.

The WPPA Political Action Committee will soon make its endorsements in races all across Wisconsin for the State Assembly and State Senate.

Not sure how your state legislators voted on the issues that affect you? Check out the WPPA’s legislative report cards on-line at WPPA members must get involved this fall and support candidates who support us.

The WPPA wants to hear from you!

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New 2005 Wisconsin COPS And WLEM Fund-Raising Event

By Brian L. Willison, Chair
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc.

            The Wisconsin Concerns of Police Survivors (WI COPS) and Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc. (WLEM), law enforcement charity organizations, have combined with Charter Communications and a statewide bowling group, Community Entertainment Centers, to establish a month-long bowling tournament during weekends in June of 2005. The bowling tournament will be held in seven different bowling centers located throughout Wisconsin to reduce travel time for all of those who participate. The bowling centers, tournament dates and times, and contact information is listed below. We will be raising needed money for WI COPS and WLEM from different sources. If we are successful and generate officer and friend support, this … Continue reading

2005 WPPA State Golf Tournament

Sponsored by the Wood County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association

The WCDSA invites you to the 2005 WPPA State Golf Tournament at The Ridges Golf Course, located on the south side of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Date: Monday, August 8, 2005

Cost: The entry fee will be $90.00. This is a package deal and includes 18 holes of golf, cart, range, lunch, banquet, and the “Smoker.” There will be some beverages provided on the course. Additional lunch tickets are $5.00 and additional banquet tickets are $18.00. Coffee, juice, and donuts will be provided for the early flight.

Tee Times: Double Shotgun Start. Tee times will be at 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Please indicate which shift you prefer – AM or PM. … Continue reading

More “CYAs” To Add To Your List

By Melissa M. Thiel Collar
WPPA Staff Attorney

If any of you have attended Director of Legal Services Gordon McQuillen’s seminars at the WPPA convention, you will be familiar with his continual “CYA” reminders to our members, including “Cover Your Assets.” As many of you approach bargaining for your contracts and as chiefs of police and sheriffs increase their efforts to discipline our members, this reminder cannot be overemphasized. Here is another “CYA” to add to your list and a refresher on an old one.

Collectively Bargain Through Your Agent

Recently, employers have been making a proposal to our local bargaining teams that must be resisted —— “If you go to the bargaining table without your WPPA Business Agent, … Continue reading