New 2005 Wisconsin COPS And WLEM Fund-Raising Event

By Brian L. Willison, Chair
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc.

            The Wisconsin Concerns of Police Survivors (WI COPS) and Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc. (WLEM), law enforcement charity organizations, have combined with Charter Communications and a statewide bowling group, Community Entertainment Centers, to establish a month-long bowling tournament during weekends in June of 2005. The bowling tournament will be held in seven different bowling centers located throughout Wisconsin to reduce travel time for all of those who participate. The bowling centers, tournament dates and times, and contact information is listed below. We will be raising needed money for WI COPS and WLEM from different sources. If we are successful and generate officer and friend support, this … Continue reading

News From The Upper Peninsula of Michigan

By Emil Kezerle
Business Agent/Coordinator, Upper Michigan Office
1342 U.S. Highway 2, Crystal Falls, Michigan 49921 • 906-875-4990 • 800-361-1269

Political Action and the Upper Michigan Law Enforcement Association

How many times over the course of your career as a public sector employee have you had cause to say to yourself and others, “If only our Association had a friendly face on the Board or Commission who truly understands our needs and frustrations as employees.” For those of you who have been around for awhile, I suspect the number of times you have asked yourselves this question is significant. For those of you who may not have been around as long, I can almost guarantee that at … Continue reading