President’s Message

By Dennis J. LeCaptain

Comments and letters can be sent to President LeCaptain at WPPA
340 Coyier Lane, Madison, WI 53713, or e-mail

While the temperature is cooling down all across Wisconsin, the same is not true at the WPPA, where things have heated up considerably as of late. For starters, the state budget process has finally come to a close. Surrounded by WPPA members, fire fighters, and other public employee representatives, Governor Doyle signed the state budget into law on October 30. In addition to increasing the minimum levy limits imposed on local governments, Governor Doyle used his veto authority to permit police officers to arbitrate their discipline. After pursuing this right for many … Continue reading

Executive Director’s Message

By James L. Palmer, II

Comments and letters can be sent to Executive Director Jim Palmer at WPPA
340 Coyier Lane, Madison, WI 53713, or e-mail

On a prefatory note, I want to express my gratitude for the efforts of Tom Bahr, who recently retired from the WPPA as our executive director, and who unquestionably worked harder than more people will ever fully realize. President LeCaptain’s letter to the members, which has been reprinted on page 4 of this issue, is a testament to Tom’s tenure as the WPPA executive director. If you haven’t taken the time yet to read it, please do.

I also want to thank the WPPA Board of Directors for their … Continue reading

Protect Your Rights To Your Retirement Benefits: The Wisconsin Retirement Board Rules In Favor Of WPPA Members

By Attorney Nicholas E. Fairweather
Cullen Weston Pines & Bach LLP

All Wisconsin counties, except for Milwaukee County, participate in the Wisconsin Retirement System (“WRS”). Many municipalities also participate, depending on whether they have elected to do so. Your benefits under the WRS depend upon the amount of time during which your employer reported you to the State Department of Employee Trust Funds as an “employee.” According to the State Statutes establishing and governing the WRS, your status as an “employee” is dependent upon the position in which you work and whether that position “normally requires” more than a set number of hours of work in each year.

On March 26, 2007, Dane County Circuit Court Judge … Continue reading

Attorney General’s Report

By J. B. Van Hollen, Attorney General

When I became Attorney General on January 1, 2007, I made it a priority to put law enforcement and public safety first at the Department of Justice (DOJ). I believe strongly that the Department of Justice exists to assist local law enforcement. Thus, it has been my focus to find ways that the Department of Justice, through its resources, can help local law enforcement better do its job, and how I, as Attorney General, can use my office to help enhance awareness of the public safety issues facing the state.

From my prior experience as district attorney and United States Attorney and listening to law enforcement as I traveled the state, I … Continue reading