Do you think your employer should be able to change your health insurance without your agreement?

The State Legislature actually considered legislation to allow just that.  Although this bill has not yet become law, it and other bills limiting your ability to bargain with your employer will be considered next year by your elected officials.

The upcoming elections will directly impact you and your family.

The WPPA Political Action Committee will soon make its endorsements in races all across Wisconsin for the State Assembly and State Senate.

Not sure how your state legislators voted on the issues that affect you?  Contact the WPPA or check out the WPPA’s legislative report cards on-line at  WPPA members must get involved this fall and support those candidates who support us.

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The WPPA Welcomes Two New Groups from Monona

MADISON—The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) is pleased to welcome both the police officers and dispatchers from the City of Monona into its ranks. In elections conducted today by the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC), both groups unanimously voted to leave the Teamsters Local Union No. 695 in order to benefit from the WPPA’s wide variety of programs and services. As the WPPA’s membership continues to grow, so does its ability to provide an unmatched level of representation.

Beginning in 1932 as a fraternal organization, the WPPA now represents its members at the bargaining table, in the workplace, before the State Supreme Court, as well as in the legislature. One of our primary missions is to protect and promote the … Continue reading

WPPA Wins Grievance Arbitration on Overtime Pay for Switched Regular Days Off

As the result of a successful grievance arbitration, the members of the Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association (MPPOA) will be fairly paid for the extra hours they put in to supervise and contain the annual Mifflin Street Block Party and Halloween celebration.

Madison Police Department’s patrol officers, like many across the state, work a “6-on 3-off” color coded schedule as negotiated in their collective bargaining agreement with the City. Despite this agreed-upon schedule, management decided to unilaterally move many patrol officers’ Regular Day Off (RDO) from a day coinciding with these festivities to a random day in the future of management’s choice. Management believed that these were not instances where overtime needed to be paid.

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Recent Arbitration Victories

Buffalo County (Police)

The WPPA prevailed in this arbitration in which the primary issue was wages. The County had proposed a 2% raise in each year of the two year agreement. The Association proposed 2% with an additional 1% on each July 1. The comparables were mixed and the County relied on a slight internal pattern and argued local economic conditions. Two other bargaining units were also in arbitration in the County with similar facts both represented by AFSCME. The Arbitrator ruled for the WPPA position and separate arbitrators ruled for the County in the AFSCME cases. The changes in the State Budget increasing the levy limits, which were pushed by WPPA, were instrumental in this WPPA arbitration victory.

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