The WPPA Announces its First Round of Endorsements of Candidates for State Office

MADISON –The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) has released its first round of endorsements for the upcoming fall elections for the state assembly and state senate. These early endorsements are largely the result of membership input and the results of its legislative report card rankings. The WPPA supports candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to addressing the fiscal challenges confronting this state while protecting the services that Wisconsinites hold most dear.

Additional endorsements will be made in the coming weeks.

2008 Legislative Candidate Endorsements (Round I)

State Senate Cowles (R)
Taylor (D)
Miller (D)
Coggs (D)
Hansen (D)
Wirch (D)
Lassa (D)
Schultz (R) State Assembly Zepnick (D)
Kessler (D)
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WPPA Releases its Legislative Report Cards

MADISON – The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) has released the results for its report cards for the 2007-2008 legislative session.

During each session, the WPPA governmental affairs staff identifies legislation that impacts the WPPA’s membership. Preliminary positions on those bills are made by the WPPA governmental affairs staff and the executive director. Those positions are then considered for ratification by the WPPA Legislative Committee and Board of Directors. All ratified positions for or against a bill are included on the legislative report card. Lastly, legislation is weighted by the WPPA Legislative Committee, and points are distributed in the following manner:

The WPPA Report Card: How Legislators Are Scored

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Sun Prairie Officers Receive Minimum Court Appearance Pay

Arbitrator Tom Yaeger issued a decision on August 7, 2008 awarding minimum court appearance pay to two City of Sun Prairie (City) detectives. A grievance was filed on behalf of the officers alleging that the City violated the contract between it and the Sun Prairie Professional Police Association (SPPA) when it refused to pay the officers for testifying in court while off-duty. A grievance arbitration hearing was held on April 24, 2008. The SPPA was represented by WPPA Staff Attorney Roger Palek and WPPA Business Agent Paul Negast.

The contract provided for a minimum of three hours of pay for every court appearance that occurred outside of a regular shift. The City took the position that if a scheduled court … Continue reading

REPORT: DA Staff at 1987 Levels

Meghann Olson

Hometown News Group
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During its Tuesday, Aug. 19 meeting, the Dane County Public Protection and Judiciary Committee unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Dane County Board Supervisors Melanie Hampton and Dianne Hesselbein that urges the state of Wisconsin to fully staff District Attorney (DA) offices throughout the state.

Hampton advised that the resolution go before the Executive Committee, and be considered during the next meeting of the Dane County Board, scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 4. The resolution was prompted by a series of recent reports that revealed critical statewide understaffing of DA offices.

A report by the Legislative Audit Bureau used a standard weighted caseload formula and found that the Dane County District Attorney’s … Continue reading