NAPO’s April 2009 Washington Report and Scorecard

Dear Members,

Please find attached NAPO’s latest Washington Report and Legislative Scorecard with updates on the current issues and legislation on which NAPO is working.

Included in this issue of the Washington Report:

  • Attorney General Addresses Big 50 Leadership
  • COPS Hiring Recovery Program Update
  • House Passes COPS Improvements Act
  • NAPO Meets with White House Counterterrorim & Homeland Security Team
  • NAPO Only Rank-and-File Group Invited to Speak at Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Summit
  • Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights Introduced
  • NAPO Partners with Ford for Police Appreciation Program (program flyer attached)

The Legislative Scorecard provides you with the most recent status of legislation on which NAPO is focusing its efforts.

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