The Officers in Pleasant Prairie Unanimously Elect to Leave LAW for the WPPA

The WPPA is proud to announce that the Pleasant Prairie police officers have voted unanimously to leave the Labor Association of Wisconsin (LAW) and join the ranks of the WPPA. The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission announced the results of this election earlier today. The addition of the Pleasant Prairie officers is further proof that the WPPA continues to grow because groups recognize that we provide superior services.

The WPPA welcomes the Pleasant Prairie officers and is eager to begin providing them with the representation they deserve.

The New Bargaining Laws and Their Impact on You

Updated: 9/13/11

A new law that drastically eviscerates Wisconsin’s collective bargaining statutes went into effect on June 29. In addition, the state budget bill has now become the law as well, and it further changes the collective bargaining laws that we have known. This page briefly summarizes these new laws and their impacts on you.

The key statutory changes impacting “general employees” (non-law enforcement officers) are the following:

For General Employees Not Covered Under a Current Contract:

  • Your contribution to the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) will be set at 5.8% of your pay, and you will have to pick up 12.6% of the cost of the premium of any health insurance plan in the State Health Plan. Both … Continue reading

WPPA Endorses Vicki Selkowe for State Assembly

MADISON–The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) announced today its endorsement of Vicky Selkowe in her campaign to represent the 48th State Assembly District.

“In a crowded field of outstanding candidates, Vicky Selkowe’s experience and expertise are second-to-none,” said WPPA Executive Director, Jim Palmer. “Vicky will hit the ground running on day one. She is the best candidate to protect and promote public safety, and she will be a leader in our fight for Wisconsin’s working families.”

With over 11,000 members from nearly 400 local association affiliates, the WPPA is the state’s largest law enforcement group. WPPA serves its members in employee relations, collective bargaining, legislative lobbying, legal assistance, and with fraternal opportunities for members. The WPPA President currently serves on … Continue reading

The WPPA Scores an Arbitration Win in Altoona

Another employer has learned, the hard way, that regardless of time and expense, the WPPA will not simply allow any benefit to be rescinded on a whim!

Represented by Staff Attorney Roger Palek and Business Agent Gary Gravesen, the WPPA prevailed in a recent grievance arbitration case against the City of Altoona. Under the police officers’ contract, the City was required to pay the health insurance premiums for “employees” who retired in good standing. The language has been in place for many years but it had been untested. The first time an employee retired under the language, the City took the position that the use of the word “employees” meant that the City only had to pay the premiums for … Continue reading