State’s largest police group responds to Gov. Walker’s suggestion on expanding Act 10 to police & fire unions

(Madison, Wis.) – Responding to statements made yesterday by Gov. Scott Walker before the Governmental Research Association Conference in Milwaukee that he would consider signing legislation to expand Act 10 to include police officers and fire fighters, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association’s executive director, Jim Palmer, issued the following statement:

“Upon the introduction of his Act 10 legislation in 2010, Gov. Walker publicly expressed his belief that because public safety was so fundamentally important, police officers and fire fighters ought to maintain their rights to bargain over their wages, hours, and working conditions. If his comments yesterday were a trial balloon for a possible presidential run, then Gov. Walker has made a serious misstep. Law enforcement across the state supported … Continue reading

Appleton Police Officers Vote Unanimously to Join WPPA

The WPPA is pleased to announce the addition of the Appleton Professional Police Association (APPA) as new full-service members. After years of utilizing a private attorney to represent its members’ labor and employment interests, the APPA’s officers overwhelmingly elected last night to join the ranks of the WPPA, the state’s largest law enforcement group. The WPPA continues to grow because more groups recognize the superior services it provides to Wisconsin’s law enforcement community.

The WPPA welcomes the Appleton officers and is eager to begin providing them with the representation they deserve.

To learn more about the benefits and services of WPPA membership, please contact WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer at 800.362.8838.

WPPA Wins Case for Deputy Jailers in Court Of Appeals

In a landmark decision, the Wisconsin District IV Court of Appeals today issued a ruling in favor of the WPPA and on behalf of the jail deputies in Douglas County. After nearly two years of litigation, the Court ruled that county jailers who are classified by their employers as having “protective occupation participant” status constitute “public safety employees” with collective bargaining rights under law changes enacted in 2011. The WPPA’s victorious decision comes after a hard-fought effort to maintain these employees’ labor and employment rights.

For many years, around half of the counties in the state classified their jailers as “protective occupant participants” for purposes of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). This classification, which cannot be bargained and is almost … Continue reading