Assaults on Police Grew 224% in Last 5 Years

MADISON—Each year, law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin report the number of officers assaulted in the line of duty. According to new preliminary statistics from the Office of Justice Assistance, 1,588 Wisconsin officers were assaulted in 2010. Part of a growing trend, the 2010 statistics represent an astonishing increase of 224% over the 492 assaults recorded in 2005. In response to this troubling news, WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer called on lawmakers to immediately convene a commission to study and address this phenomenon.

“These disturbing figures demonstrate that our state’s law enforcement community is facing a crisis caused by the state’s repeated cuts to the funding it provides to cities to pay for police services,” said Palmer. “Now is not the time to make a law enforcement officer’s job even more dangerous with another $96 million cut to this crucial funding, as Governor Walker has proposed. Wisconsin’s leaders need to evaluate and address this situation now, and it’s imperative that they protect the funding that keeps our communities, and the officers who patrol them, safe.”

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