Bill to Provide Health Insurance for Spouses and Dependents of Law Enforcement Officers Killed in Action is Approved by the State Senate

On May 17, legislation to provide health insurance coverage for spouses of law enforcement officers who are killed in the line of duty was passed by the State Senate.

Though infrequent, some officers make the ultimate sacrifice in their efforts to keep us safe. Most recently, Fond du Lac police officer Craig Birkholz paid the ultimate sacrifice on March 20. In the wakes of these tragedies, a family can be left to grieve and to fend for themselves to cover their health insurance needs that are no longer provided to them.

Senate Bill 18 covers these rare and tragic circumstances, and recognizes that, while an officer wears a badge, their service to their communities is not a solitary endeavor, and that the law enforcement profession is one that requires the extraordinary support of loved ones who share a dedication and commitment to our common security.

The bill now heads over to the State Assembly for consideration. Please check the WPPA website again for further updates.

With over 11,000 members from nearly 400 local association affiliates, the WPPA is Wisconsin’s largest law enforcement group. Our mission is to protect and promote public safety, as well as the interests of the dedicated men and women who serve to provide it.

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