Do you think your employer should be able to change your health insurance without your agreement?

The State Legislature actually considered legislation to allow just that. Although this bill has not yet not become law, it and other bills limiting your ability to bargain with your employer will be considered next year by your elected officials.

The upcoming elections will directly impact you and your family.

The WPPA Political Action Committee will soon make its endorsements in races all across Wisconsin for the State Assembly and State Senate.

Not sure how your state legislators voted on the issues that affect you? Check out the WPPA’s legislative report cards on-line at WPPA members must get involved this fall and support candidates who support us.

The WPPA wants to hear from you!

Contact WPPA Assistant Executive Director Jim Palmer and let us know whom you would recommend. Jim Palmer can be reached by telephone at 1-800-362-8838 or by e-mail at

Get out and vote!!!
Partisan Primary Election – September 12
General Election – November 7

The job you save may be your own!


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