Employee Trust Funds = Self Service, Toll-Free Telephone Systems, Internet Site Provide Quick Access to Information and Brochures

Need information from the Department of Employe Trust Funds on calculating your retirement benefit? How about a brochure on buying creditable service? Options for contacting Employe Trust Funds C including a new Self Service Line, the department=s Internet site, and a Telephone Message Center C have made access to dozens of important forms and brochures easier than ever. In all cases, these options are self-serve; users can access the systems without having to talk to ETF staff.

Toll-Free Telephone Systems

* Self Service Line

This new system, launched in April 1999, allows callers to request information and brochures toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system is very easy to use and instructions are clear and concise. Employe Trust Funds mails requested information within five business days. To access the self-service phone system, call: 1-877-383-1888; the local Madison telephone number is 266-2323. Callers must use a touch tone telephone and cannot speak to a live person.

* Telephone Message Center

Callers can dial the Telephone Message Center to hear detailed, recorded messages covering a variety of Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) topics. Call 1-800-991-5540 or in Madison call 266-6633.

* Internet Site

The Department=s Internet Site, http://badger.state.wi.us/agencies.etf, contains an abundance of Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and related benefits information. It includes current benefits brochures and forms, benefit program summaries, dates of scheduled benefit presentations throughout the state, an e-mail function C even a formula benefits retirement calculator. The calculator can help participants project future retirement benefits based on the dates, salaries, and years of service assumptions entered.

Go and visit the site. You will find it useful and educational.

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