Executive Director’s Message

by Thomas W. Bahr

As I write this article, the day after the Primary elections, I am again reminded of the importance of the relationships we build with elected officials and how those relationships affect each and every member of the WPPA. Those elected to serve the people of this state, whether in the legislature, the Department of Justice, or the Governor’s mansion, can affect our members’ ability to do their jobs and support their families. The actions of these elected officials and the positions taken by them regarding various subjects are all important, and as an Association representing the interests of our members, we need to closely examine their specific positions and their potential impact to the membership. Only by critically analyzing our elected officials in this manner can we effectively support those who support us.

This philosophy applies to our involvement in local politics as well. The WPPA continues to work with our locals all across Wisconsin in giving them the tools and guidance necessary to impact their local election results. For example, after working with our members in Marinette County to form a local political action committee, and due to their efforts to support the candidates they deemed to be in their best interests, there will be a new sheriff and district attorney in that county. The impact of smart political action cannot be minimized. If you or your local would like to explore becoming more politically active, contact the WPPA today at 1-800-362-8838.

The WPPA Political Action Committee (WPPA PAC) has thoroughly examined the candidates running for state offices and has made endorsements in the upcoming November elections. The basis for these endorsements was to answer the overriding question: “Does this candidate further the interests of our members or not?” The answer to that question is based on the criteria identified in the WPPA Governmental Affairs Platform, the candidates’ responses to our questionnaires, and, where applicable, how our elected representatives scored on our legislative report cards. For more information on these measures, check us out on our Internet website at www.wppa.com. I would urge every one of our members to review this information and be prepared to support this November those who support us and our ideals.

Preparations are underway for the 75th Annual WPPA Convention, which again will be held at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. The staff and convention committee will be working very hard in the coming weeks to ensure that the celebration of our 75th anniversary is one that will showcase this historic event and be enjoyed by all. Some of the events planned are based on the suggestions and feedback we received from our members who attended the 2006 convention. I would welcome any ideas and/or suggestions you might have regarding any agenda items or activities. Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend from May 19 through 21, 2007 and celebrate this historic event.

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