Extend to Jennifer Sebena the honor she deserves

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is expected Thursday to reconsider its decision not to include a slain Wauwatosa police officer on its memorial wall. It should do that and reverse the decision. Not including her name is an insult to her memory and to her dedicated service.

The initial decision not to include Jennifer Sebena has spurred widespread outrage, and rightfully so. Sebena was murdered while on duty; that her husband is the one accused of stalking and shooting her to death on Christmas Eve should not enter into the decision. Yes, this is a case of domestic abuse; it is also a case of a police killed while on duty.

“It’s appalling and a travesty. Apparently the rationale appears to be they have classified Jen Sebena’s murder as a domestic violence incident, and it is completely offensive,” said Jim Palmer, Wisconsin Professional Police Association president.

Palmer is exactly right. This insultingly poor decision needs to be reversed.


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