Governor Doyle Announces $15 Million Increase in Shared Revenue for Wisconsin Counties and Municipalities

Also Announces Funds for Court Support, Transportation,
and Child Support Collection, and Youth Aids

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle today announced a multi-year effort to increase county and municipal shared revenues by $15 million in his budget. Specifically, the state will increase its shared revenue commitment to counties by $2.7 million over the next two fiscal years to help equip counties with the resources they need.

“We’re making progress on everything from economic development to health care to education,” Governor Doyle said. “The opportunities to continue moving Wisconsin forward in 2007 are endless. But to seize every opportunity, state and local governments must continue working together for middle class families.”

Governor Doyle also proposed increased investments to areas including court support services, youth aid, transportation maintenance, and child support.

Court Support Services

  • $3 million increase over the biennium for county victim witness funding; and
  • $19 million increase to support Circuit Court Operations; and
  • $531,500 statewide for court interpreter services.

DOT Maintenance and General Transportation Aid

  • $66 million increase for the State Highway Maintenance Program to cover rising costs and provide safe roads for Wisconsin citizens; and
  • $2 million increase annually for mass transit funding; and
  • $2 million increase annually for general transportation aids.

Child Support Collection

By October of this year, the federal government will cease matching federal incentive funds with federal matching funds – which will cost Wisconsin more than $40 million over the biennium.

To pick up where Washington is leaving Wisconsin, Governor Doyle proposed to fill that hole with $5.5 million to help counties stay on track for their future. This investment will draw an additional $10.7 million in federal matching funds for counties, reaching a total a total of $16.2 million each year for child support collection as a result of the Governor’s responsible investment.

Governor Doyle also proposed a $27 million increase over the biennium for the Youth Aids program, the State’s primary means of providing counties with direct assistance for juvenile delinquency services at the county level.

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