Keeping Everyone You Know Safe

By Graham King

Thank you to everyone who took the time at the WPPA Convention in May to stop and talk with us at the KEYS table. I hope many of you will speak about the KEYS program at your local association meetings. We would love to have local associations join us in the battle against impaired driving.

There are only positive things that will come from having your association take part. Just by speaking about KEYS and working against impaired driving, you will raise awareness. Local associations can purchase keys for their members, and each member would then have a key and also one to pass on with a positive message.

The majority of locals I spoke with have members who work in a middle or high school every day. The KEYS program is a perfect way to provide information to younger drivers and their passengers. Programs with KEYS will work with many school events; homecoming, prom, and the end of the school year are all times where the keys can be used.

The local association can generate a lot of good will by using the keys. School staff and students alike will see the local association as a group working for safety and wellness in the community. The KEYS program does have a working relationship with the Department of Public Instruction, and over 18,000 keys have been given to students in the state.

If you would like more information, please contact KEYS at or

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