Legislative Report

By Steve Werner
WPPA Legislative Representative

All of us at the WPPA have been working hard at fighting legislative measures like the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the tax freeze, or any other measure that might affect our ability to give our various jurisdictions the utmost in police protection. We have also been bombarded on a daily basis with inquiries regarding the upcoming elections and the legislation that you, as members, are interested in for the January 2005 legislative session.

In “Capitol Commentary,” Jim Palmer presents recent developments regarding TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) and any statewide tax freeze.

Business Agent Gary Wisbrocker and I attended the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Conference held in La Crosse on May 27 and 28, 2004. We both feel that good information was presented. Some of you may not know that Gary monitors the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Training and Standards Bureau. Gary is a wealth of information in that regard, in addition to his other business agent duties, and he is always available for any questions you might have.

Among the issues discussed at the AG Conference was that primary seat belt enforcement legislation would be coupled with a measure regarding racial profiling data gathering in one bill next year. This is of great concern to the WPPA and its members. Both issues deserve to be considered in their own right.

Other topics of interest were Legal Standards for Eyewitness Identification, Building Rapport with the Media, HIPAA, and Insurance Violations. Break-out sessions included Information Sharing/E-Time, DNA Advancements, Internet Crimes Against Children, and Spouse Academy.

I have included a list of written materials obtained at this conference and welcome any and all inquiries with regard to these materials or any other questions you may have.

I would also like to encourage you to look into a program that the University of Wisconsin – Madison Police have started to help their officers and the officers’ families better understand the concerns and stresses a career in law enforcement creates. It is called the Spouse/Partner Program, or “Spouse Academy.” The presentation by Chief Sue Riseling was stellar, and I hope some of you will inquire more about this program.

If you have any interest in the following materials, please contact me at the WPPA office in Madison.

•          Professional Communication (Training Guide for Law Enforcement Officers)

•          Preparing News Releases

•          Organizing/Managing News Conferences

•          Selected Bibliography on Law Enforcement – Media Relations

•          Vehicle Contacts (Training Guide for Law Enforcement Officers)

•          Emergency Vehicle Operation (Training Guide for Law Enforcement)

•          Defensive and Arrest Tactics (Training Guide for Law Enforcement)

•          Firearms (Training Guide for Law Enforcement)

•          Selected Public Integrity Statutes

•          Chapter 19 Wis. State Statutes General Duties of Public Officials (Unofficial Text)

•          Wisconsin Public Records Law Wis. Stat. 19.31 – 19.39

•          Standards Governing Eyewitness Identification in Wisconsin

•          Eyewitness Identification Procedures: Recommendations for Lineups and Photo Spreads

•          Sequential Photo Lineup Procedure

•          Wisconsin Open Meetings Law/A Compliance Guide

•          State Law Enforcement Authority to Detain and Arrest for Federal Immigration Violations

•          WILENET

•          The Missing Link: Ballistic Technology That Help Solve Crimes (ATF)

•          UW-Madison Police Department Spouse/Partner Program


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