Looking Ahead To Convention 2005 — Building Your Support Network

When you schedule your days off for 2005, don’t forget to schedule time to attend the WPPA’s 73rd Annual Convention May 14 through May 16, 2005. Once again, the Kalahari Resort in “The Dells” will be our host hotel. And, 2005 will mark the first year that the Annual Convention will begin on a Saturday and end at noon on the following Monday. We hope that this shift in Convention dates will allow more families to enjoy the Kalahari’s amenities.

Here’s a preview of the ideas that we are working on for workshops for Convention 2005:

  • Working with Professional Fund-Raisers for Locals
  • Worker’s Compensation and Duty Disability
  • Association Responsibilities in Post Critical Incidents
  • Political Action
  • Stress and Perception
  • Funding Post-Employment Health Care
  • Financial Planning
  • Creating and Administering Your Own Local

To encourage first-time Convention attendees, we will have a special door prize drawing for first timers, in addition to the “Early Bird Door Prize” drawing for fully-paid registrations which are postmarked by May 1, 2005. Also, there will be additional drawings for all Convention delegates for all other gifts.

We encourage each of you to attend the Annual Convention. See you in “The Dells” in 2005!

Small Locals To Again Be Sponsored At The WPPA Annual Convention

We are always looking for ways to increase the attendance of members of our smaller locals to the Annual Convention. In May 2004, one representative was sponsored from each of four WPPA locals by the Dane County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association, Detective Bill Chesen from the Racine Police Association, and the Janesville Professional Police Association. Because the program was such a success, our larger locals plan to offer it again in 2005.

A sponsorship to Convention 2005 (May 14-16) will include the registration fee and two nights’ lodging (Saturday and Sunday).

If you are interested in being sponsored to attend Convention 2005, please write to President Scott Favour, Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association, P. O. Box 1188, Madison, WI 53701-1188. In your letter, please let us know if you have ever attended the WPPA Annual Convention and why you would like to attend. Letters will be forwarded to those larger WPPA locals which are interested in sponsoring a smaller local. The deadline to receive requests is January 31, 2005.

If you are a member of a larger local that would like to get involved in sponsoring a smaller local, please contact Scott Favour at the above address as soon as possible.

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