New 2005 Wisconsin COPS And WLEM Fund-Raising Event

By Brian L. Willison, Chair
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc.

            The Wisconsin Concerns of Police Survivors (WI COPS) and Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc. (WLEM), law enforcement charity organizations, have combined with Charter Communications and a statewide bowling group, Community Entertainment Centers, to establish a month-long bowling tournament during weekends in June of 2005. The bowling tournament will be held in seven different bowling centers located throughout Wisconsin to reduce travel time for all of those who participate. The bowling centers, tournament dates and times, and contact information is listed below. We will be raising needed money for WI COPS and WLEM from different sources. If we are successful and generate officer and friend support, this will become an annual event and will be the primary funding source for both charities.

Our 8-Pin Bowling Tournament Overview

This fun style 8-pin bowling tournament is designed to appeal to the average and not-so-average bowler to broaden participation among both law enforcement and our community supporters. This is a team-style event – four adult men, women or a mixed team – costing $25.00 per team member. Twelve dollars from each person’s tournament entry goes directly to the WI COPS and WLEM support funds. The remainder of the entry cost goes to prize money and bowling expenses. In 8-pin bowling, leaving two or less pins on the first ball counts as a strike. You do not have to be a league bowler or even a good bowler to score well in this format! Three games are bowled by each team member. Bowling center staff will be on hand to get us all started with computer scoring. Teams can win prize money and other donated prizes during the event. Following each day’s tournament, Pepsi Bottling Company will sponsor two hours of free glow-in-the-dark cyber bowling for family members who accompany tournament bowlers. Bumper bowling will also be available at this time for smaller family members. We want all who participate or come to watch to have fun!

Your Help!

We are asking that active and retired officers and supporters of law enforcement come together with fellow officers or friends to form a 4-person team and bowl in this event. If just one active and one retired officer from each state department formed a team and bowled, this tournament would be a dramatic success! Some departments are planning a motorcycle ride to a bowling center to make it a fun day-long trip. All of the bowling centers have quality house bowling balls available to make this possible. No matter how you get there or how talented you are as a bowler, please help WI COPS and WLEM by participating in this event. If we can generate enough participation and support, this tournament and corporate sponsorship will become an annual event. Entry forms can be found by visiting or our WLEM web site at

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