NEW: The WPPA Extended Legal Protection Plan

Effective January 1, 2018

You face a wide variety of extraordinary threats and attacks in your service to keep your community safe. Unfortunately, those dangers are not limited to the streets that you patrol. Increasingly around the country, officers are finding themselves being targeted by ambitious prosecutors hoping to score political points and opportunistic civil attorneys eager to score a quick settlement – all because officers were doing their jobs. In the process, officers can find their reputations destroyed and personal finances ruined. This is totally unacceptable.
Fairly recently, for example, a deputy was charged criminally for a fatal squad accident that occurred while responding to a fellow officer’s calls for help. Though the deputy was ultimately acquitted, her … Continue reading

Museum of Valor Launches Statewide Radio Ad to Promote National Police Week

(MADISON, WIS.) – In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed the week of May 15 as ‘National Police Week’, a time during which our country annually recognizes those officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. To raise the public awareness of this week’s importance, and to honor all those who serve in law enforcement, the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Museum of Valor (MoV) is going to the airwaves with a statewide radio ad that will run through May 20th on the over 70 affiliated AM and FM stations served by the Wisconsin Radio Network.

“Our public safety and the quality of life that we enjoy come at a cost, and it’s fundamentally important that we salute those who … Continue reading

Jim Palmer: Why police don’t shoot at arm or leg of threatening person

The loss of life is always a traumatizing event for those involved, their families and a caring community.

The officer-involved shootings in Madison that have occurred this year have understandably garnered a tremendous amount of attention and prompted a discussion about what should constitute an appropriate use of force.

It is important to appreciate that when an officer is forced to discharge his or her weapon, it is a split-second decision of last resort, made in the interest of protecting the public, as well as other responding officers. Life is extraordinarily precious, and officers of the law have no less appreciation of life than those whom they have sworn to protect.

Every day an officer wakes up and goes to … Continue reading