Palmer Decides Against Independent Run For Wisconsin Attorney General

Today I am announcing that I will not be entering the race for Wisconsin’s Attorney General. For more than a decade, I’ve served as an advocate for Wisconsin’s law enforcement community.

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I’ve worked diligently with lawmakers from both political parties to protect the ability of our state’s law-enforcement officers to keep our communities safe. People are overwhelmingly frustrated with the partisan bickering that they see occurring at nearly every level of government today. Police officers, deputy sheriffs, and citizens alike all recognize that matters of public safety and criminal justice are simply too important to be controlled by the dictates of partisan affiliation.

I believe that people expect our law enforcement officials to work with others to arrive at the solutions, regardless of their political backgrounds. Since first publicly expressing my interest, numerous discussions have produced two common, though contradictory, themes.

On the one hand, I’ve received a significant degree of support for my interest in being an independent candidate for Attorney General. On the other, that support appears outweighed by the pragmatic consideration that I need to choose a party if I have any hope of winning. Though I am a devout believer in the art of compromise, choosing a party at this point in time is a personal concession that I am not yet prepared to make.

There are a number of key issues that our next Attorney General will need to address to keep Wisconsin a safe place to live, work, and raise a family, and these issues ought to have bipartisan support and appeal.

One such issue is the need for Wisconsin to address its shortage of local prosecutors – those people in the District Attorney’s office. The shortage, which is grown consistently for the last 10 years, creates delays and forces plea bargains on crimes that our prosecutors simply do not have the time or resources to pursue.

We as a state will never succeed in combating crime if those who violate the law do not get arrested and prosecuted. Only by addressing this issue can we improve our ability see that criminals receive the full measure of justice that their acts deserve.

While I will not be a candidate for office next year, this issue are critical to protecting the quality of life that we have all come to expect, and have every right to deserve.

I will continue to advocate for public safety and officer safety in my role with the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, but I urge lawmakers and candidates of both parties to recognize that, in order to move our state forward, there must first be more movement towards one another. The safety of our state is simply too important to act any other way.

Thank you for your time and your support.

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