Police Union Happy with New Deadly Force Investigation Law

Wisconsin’s largest police union is happy that all police departments must now bring in outside investigators when officers use deadly force.

During a visit to Eau Claire on Thursday, Wisconsin Professional Police Association Executive Director Jim Palmer said his group actively worked for the change, taking a leadership role in establishing a uniform requirement across the state. He says an agency that faces the difficult situation must call in two outside agencies.

“We think that will go a long way toward… promoting the trust that the public has in the job that law enforcement officers do,” Palmer said.

Kyle Roder, President of the Eau Claire Professional Police Association Local 9 and a WPPA state board member, says, that has been the practice in Eau Claire for some time, as it has in most small cities.

“We have been doing this already. It’s really best practice in our opinion,” Roder said.

In the association’s annual St. Norbert College poll, 81 percent of respondents favored the move. 14 percent said they believe deadly force necessary and justified all of the time, 46 percent said it’s necessary most of the time, while 31 percent said deadly force was necessary just some of the time.

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