President’s Message

by David J. Mahoney

Another Summer Come And Gone And A Political Season Well Underway!

As this issue of the Wisconsin Police Journal reaches each of our members, we find ourselves yet again entering a new fall season of changing colors, changing temperatures and, for many of our children, the return to school.

At the WPPA, we have tried to initiate some changes to better improve the representation and service we provide to all our members through political action, but have been prevented from implementing some of these improvements by the lack of involvement of members and some of those you elected to represent you on the Board of Directors. I hope I’ve got your attention now.

If you recall from the annual convention this past May, we held an attorney general and gubernatorial candidates forum and focus group to educate our members on the important issues and the candidates themselves. The WPPA followed up in the July issue of the Journal by including a postage paid advisory survey of the candidates to be used by the Board of Directors and its Political Action Committee as they made our endorsements in the upcoming primary and general elections. Only 2 percent of the total membership returned the surveys, and only 8 of the 29 Directors our members elected to represent them returned the surveys. As a result of the poor showing of returned surveys and the inability of the PAC to agree on a date when a quorum of the committee could meet, the WPPA failed to have a voice in the primary elections. This is a very sad commentary for an organization that prides itself on being a leader in law enforcement and labor-related issues.

We also continue to struggle with a handful of locals that make endorsements in state races without as much as a courtesy call to the home office. It is crucial that the Madison office and our locals communicate with each other, as the Madison office has information our locals need to make an educated endorsement, and likewise our Madison office has and will continue to seek input from you, our local members, when we make an endorsement for the benefit of all our members. When the WPPA PAC makes a recommendation to the full Board for an endorsement of our candidates, the best interests of all our locals and all our members is taken into consideration.

There are now, and will continue to be in the future, issues which threaten our members’ jobs, working conditions, and families’ futures. We must continue to stand together and support one another, sometimes putting the welfare of the whole organization ahead of our personal partisan politics or we will fail altogether. Each of us needs to do our part! You can continue to count on me to do mine even if it means dragging you kicking and screaming into the fight!

In closing, enjoy the fall season, for it too will pass much too soon. Remember to vote November 7! The job you save may be your own.

Until we meet again, take care of those who take care of you. Be safe!

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