Professional Police Assoc. approves of new police investigation law

MADISON, WI (WEAU) The Professional Police Association says a bill signed by Governor Walker will help build trust between police departments and the public.

Wednesday, Walker signed a bill that would prohibit state police departments from investigating their own officer-involved shootings.

The bill comes after several high-profile officer involved deaths across the state where no charges were filed.

Some say the bill will get rid of any concern that a department is covering up its own misconduct.

Thursday, we talked with Jim Palmer, who is with the Professional Police Association. He thinks the bill will bring positive changes.

“Some of the controversies that have risen over the years have tended to be those places that don’t utilize these processes of calling an outside department. So we thought this bill was really a good positive reform to establish a uniform standard around the state. We think it will go a long ways promoting the trust that the public has in law enforcement and the jobs they do,” says Jim Palmer of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

Palmer says smaller departments routinely rely on outside agencies for those investigations, but some of the state’s larger ones like Madison, Green Bay and Milwaukee, have historically investigated their own officers.

Source: WEAU

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