State Senate Rejects Constitutional Spending Limits


Efforts in the Legislature to amend Wisconsin’s Constitution to control state government spending died in the Senate on May 4.  On a 20-12 vote, the Senate killed a constitutional proposal to limit state spending to increases in inflation and population growth.  More than 10 such proposals have been floated in recent weeks.  Similarly, by a margin of 21-11, the State Senate voted to reject controls on both state and local governments.  The WPPA, along with a wide variety of organizations, advocated against these measures because of their likely negative impact on local services and the employees who provide them.

Despite the unsuccessful efforts to inject cumbersome fiscal policy into the state’s constitution, State Rep. Frank Lasee (R-Bellevue) told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the fact that this session marked the first time that both houses of the legislature considered constitutional spending controls demonstrates that such controls are becoming more popular with taxpayers.

The WPPA thanks its members who took the time to contact their elected officials, and encourages anyone with questions to contact WPPA Assistant Executive Director Jim Palmer.

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