The WPPA Announces its First Round of Endorsements of Candidates for State Office

MADISON –The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) has released its first round of endorsements for the upcoming fall elections for the state assembly and state senate. These early endorsements are largely the result of membership input and the results of its legislative report card rankings. The WPPA supports candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to addressing the fiscal challenges confronting this state while protecting the services that Wisconsinites hold most dear.

Additional endorsements will be made in the coming weeks.

2008 Legislative Candidate Endorsements (Round I)

State Senate
Cowles (R)
Taylor (D)
Miller (D)
Coggs (D)
Hansen (D)
Wirch (D)
Lassa (D)
Schultz (R)
State Assembly
Zepnick (D)
Kessler (D)
Cullen (D)
Grigsby (D)
Richards (D)
Ziegelbauer (D)
Sheridan (D)
Hubler (D)
Pocan (D)
Shilling (D)
Colon (D)
Fields (D)
Staskunas (D)
Young (D)
Sinicki (D)
Townsend (D)
Schneider (D)
Hraychuck (D)
Friske (R)
Kleefisch (R)
Bies (R)
Ott, A. (R)
Huff (D)

The WPPA represents nearly 11,000 active and retired members from almost 400 local associations statewide. With over 75 years of service to law enforcement personnel, the WPPA is recognized as a leading law enforcement association in Wisconsin.

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