The WPPA Welcomes New Members from St. Croix County

The WPPA is proud to welcome the men and women of the St. Croix County Deputy Sheriffs Association (SCCDSA) to its ranks! After most of the members of this group signed confidential authorization cards to have an election to leave LAW and join the WPPA, LAW withdrew its representation. At the request of the SCCDSA, the county has voluntarily recognized the WPPA as the group’s sole and exclusive bargaining representative.

With its demonstrated commitment to providing an unparalleled level of service, more and more people continue to join the WPPA. As our numbers grow, so does our ability to represent our members in the workplace, before administrative agencies, in the state legislature, in the community, and in the courts.

Anyone interested in learning more about the WPPA’s vast array of services is welcome to contact WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer at 800.362.8838, or at

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