UW’s Coach Bo Ryan Named Honorary Chair of Proposed ‘Police Heroes’ Museum

New Organization Begins March Toward Making It Happen

MADISON–A new and independent charitable organization announced today that it is launching an effort to establish Wisconsin’s only museum devoted to memorializing law enforcement heroes, and that University of Wisconsin Basketball Coach Bo Ryan will serve as the organization’s honorary chairman. The announcements come during National Police Week, the annual recognition of the men and women of the law enforcement profession.

The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Museum of Valor is registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and intends to raise the funding necessary to construct an exhibition facility in Madison designed to display stories of law enforcement courage, duty, and sacrifice, beginning with accounts that it has archived dating back to 1946.

“Bo Ryan epitomizes teamwork and dedication, and we believe that these are traits that he and our state’s dedicated officers share,” said Jim Palmer, the museum’s chief executive officer. “We are tremendously honored that he has agreed to help launch the Museum’s efforts to generate the resources and interest needed to successfully celebrate the law enforcement profession and the bravery of its officers here in Wisconsin.”

Palmer said that he could think of no one better-suited than Ryan to help the Museum advance its mission of promoting the courage and bravery of Wisconsin’s law enforcement officers in a positive and noble fashion.

Having formerly served as a military police officer in the United States Army prior to beginning his coaching career, Ryan indicated that he was proud to help the Museum accomplish its mission in such an honorable manner.

“I have a genuine respect for Wisconsin’s law enforcement officers, the dangerous service they provide to our communities, and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe,” said Ryan. “I am thrilled and delighted to help honor that service and sacrifice in this meaningful way.”

The Museum of Valor will be governed by a board of trustees consisting of law enforcement officers from around the state, who will consider adding any new cases that arise each year. The Museum also intends to host a variety of amenities for its visitors, including a modest theater, a squad car simulator, a police motorcycle photo booth, an interactive bomb robot, historical artifacts, and a gift shop. In addition to supporting the Museum’s operations, it intends to sponsor a scholarship program for college students pursuing a law enforcement education, public service messaging, and relief efforts aimed at assisting the families of officers struck by tragedy.

In the coming months, the Museum will look to forge private partnerships with Wisconsin-based companies in order to makes its plans a reality.


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