WPPA Announces 2006 Endorsements

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) is pleased to present its endorsements for the 2006 election cycle.


Despite the fact that the WPPA has enjoyed a good relationship with Rep. Mark Green as a member of U.S. House of Representatives, the WPPA chose to endorse Jim Doyle in his bid for reelection. Governor Doyle has demonstrated his support for law enforcement and labor, not only in signing WPPA bills into law, but in his ardent opposition to constitutional limitations on the ability of local governments to tax and spend. The PAC felt that Mark Green’s commitment to pursue constitutional spending controls, a measure which the WPPA has opposed due to the detrimental consequences on public employees, was simply too much to overcome.

Next year, Wisconsin’s governor will likely face a $400 million gap to pay for state programs. Green’s proposals to maintain 2006 spending levels in 2007, implement a “real property tax freeze,” all the while entertaining $148 million in new spending, were viewed by the PAC as untenable.

The PAC recognized Jim Doyle’s commitment to fully fund shared revenue, as well as his unambiguous opposition to legislative attempts to restrict the ability of local public employees to collectively bargain with their employers, or to resolve their contractual disputes through mediation and arbitration.

“Jim Doyle appreciates the important role that local law enforcement plays in promoting the outstanding quality of life available in Wisconsin,” said David Mahoney, WPPA President and Dane County Deputy Sheriff. “Governor Doyle is the candidate best suited to address the fiscal challenges confronting this state while protecting the public safety services that Wisconsinites have come to expect and deserve.”

Gov. Jim Doyle, WPPA representatives, and officers from north central Wisconsin appearing recently in Wausau to announce the WPPA’s endorsement of Doyle in his bid for reelection.


Even though the WPPA PAC recognized Kathleen Falk’s strong record on labor-related issues, as well as her ability to effectively manage a large governmental entity, the PAC viewed J.B. Van Hollen’s prosecutorial experience, as well as his experience in criminal justice management, as more applicable to the position of state attorney general.

“WPPA is endorsing JB Van Hollen for attorney general because he best represents what law enforcement needs from the Department of Justice – a focus on crime fighting and prevention,” said Bill Chesen, WPPA Board Member and Racine Police officer. “Gang and gun violence, drug use and cyber crime deserve top priority for the state’s ‘top cop’ and Van Hollen has demonstrated his commitment to working with local law enforcement to better serve our communities.”


The WPPA sent a questionnaire to each candidate running for an office in the State Assembly or State Senate. The questionnaire covered a wide variety of issues, including the Taxpayer’s Protection Amendment, state funding to local government, property taxes, mediation-arbitration laws for local public employees, arbitration of discipline for municipal law enforcement officers, and protective status for county correctional officers. The PAC evaluated the candidates’ responses, and where applicable, their voting records.

The WPPA is pleased to support the following candidates:

State Senate
21   Lehman (D)
23   Zien (R)
1     Lasee (R)
11   Kedzie (R)
17   Schultz (R)
19   Ellis (R)
33   Kanavas (R)
25   Jauch (D)
3     Carpenter (D)
7     Plale (D)
15   Robson (D)
27   Erpenbach (D)
29   Decker (D)

1     Bies (R)
3     Ott (R)
4     Langan (D)
5     Nelson (D)
7     Krusick (D)
9     Zepnick (D)
11   Fields (D)
12   Kessler (D)
13   Cullen (D)
15   Staskunas (D)
16   Young (D)
19   Richards (D)
20   Sinicki (D)
22   Wasserman (D)
23   Teplin (D)

26   Van Akkeren (D)
28   Pettis (R)
29   Kittel (D)
37   Jorgenson (D)
43   Hixon (D)
44   Sheridan (D)
45   Benedict (D)
46   Hebl (D)
49   Garthwaite (D)
50   Buros (D)
51   Freese (R)
54   Hintz (D)
56   Franz (D)
61   Turner (D)
62   Mason (D)
64   Kreuser (D)
65   Steinbrink (D)
69   Suder (R)
70   Vruwink (D)
71   Molepske (D)
72   Schneider (D)
73   Boyle (D)
74   Sherman (D)
75   Hubler (D)
76   Berceau (D)
77   Black (D)
79   Pope-Roberts (D)
80   Davis (R)
81   Travis (D)
83   Gunderson (R)
84   Gundrum (R)

With nearly 11,000 members from more than 375 local associations, the WPPA’s political support is invaluable. The 2006 list of endorsements is comprised of candidates who could demonstrate their commitment to our membership, and who, if elected, will aid our organization’s ability to keep Wisconsin a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

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