WPPA Directors Adopt Public Affairs Platform

At the 2004 WPPA Annual Convention, the Board of Directors formally adopted a public affairs platform for the next year. The public affairs platform is the declaration of legislative principles and policies that the legislative staff will pursue on behalf of WPPA members.

This platform will also be used to develop an annual report card of legislators’ votes on bills of importance to the law enforcement community. These report cards will be published in the Wisconsin Police Journal, and sent to every WPPA local political action committee (PAC). This process will make state lawmakers more accountable, and will aid state and local PACs as they consider political endorsements.

If you have any questions about the WPPA Public Affairs Platform, please feel free to contact WPPA Lobbyist Jim Palmer in the Madison office at 1-800-362-8838.

WPPA Public Affairs Platform for 2004-05

1.         Protect state funding programs that impact public safety services, and promote reforms of state funding formulas in a manner that prioritizes these services.

2.         Protect against any legislation which could detrimentally interfere with the current statutory mediation-arbitration provisions for local public employees.

3.         Advocate legislation improving the collective bargaining dispute settlement procedures for members of the law enforcement community.

4.         Advocate legislation allowing for the arbitration of discipline for municipal law enforcement officers.

5.         Advocate legislation improving the pension and retirement benefits of protective services employees.

6.         Promote legislation likely to have a beneficial impact on the law enforcement community and protect against legislation likely to have a detrimental impact on the law enforcement community.

7.         Promote political activity by WPPA members through methods such as: encouraging locals to establish local political action committees; advising locals on the operation of their political action committees; providing political action committees with a current uniform candidate questionnaire, and organizing meetings with WPPA locals and their legislators.

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