WPPA Scores Critical Victory for State’s Law Enforcement Community in Oconto County

Pension Contribution Arbitration Case

Benefitting law enforcement officers all across Wisconsin, the WPPA prevailed in an arbitration case in Oconto County in which the employer attempted to force the deputies to pay the same pension contribution as other public employees without bargaining for it. The WPPA successfully argued that the interests and welfare of the public are best served when well-trained officers are treated fairly, and the arbitrator in this case agreed with the WPPA’s assertion that if the legislature had intended for law enforcement officers to make a pension contribution when they overhauled the state’s collective bargaining laws, they could have done so. The arbitrator acknowledged that the new bargaining laws do treat public safety employees differently that other employees, but she refused to allow the County to put itself in the place of the legislature and to demand of its officers that which the Legislature did not seek.

In turning down the employer’s offer of a one year contract in which the deputies would be forced to pay 5.8% of their wages into their pension on top of a wage freeze, the deputies’ final offer of a 4% wage lift over two years was awarded.

Employers all across the state continue to confront law enforcement officers with a variety of detrimental tactics meant to impair their rights and ability to negotiate fair wages and benefits. Many employers have threatened to use the arbitration process to impose WRS contributions on our members. Due to the WPPA’s victorious efforts on behalf of its members in Oconto County, other officers will be spared what we now know to be an empty form of intimidation.

The WPPA is currently pursuing a wide variety of additional cases impacting law enforcement officer rights and benefits. Please be sure to read your Wisconsin Police Journal magazine for updates on these important developments to learn how they will directly impact you. If not already a member of the WPPA, contact us today at 800.362.8838 to learn more about how we can serve you.

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