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Scholarship Program

Wisconsin Professional Police Association
Scholarship Program

Deadline is February 1

Who is eligible for the WPPA scholarship?
Any Wisconsin resident enrolling in a college or vocational/technical school in a course of study leading to a two- or four-year degree in police science, criminal justice, or a law enforcement-related field – which does not include law school – is eligible.

Who selects the scholarship winners?
Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee composed of six WPPA Directors. All decisions of the committee are final.

How many scholarships will be awarded?
The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to determine the number and amount of scholarships to be awarded in a given year.

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LEO Survivor Resources


To obtain certified copies of registered personal documents, contact the State
of Wisconsin, Department of Health, Vital Records, P. O. Box 309, Madison,
WI 53702, phone (608) 267-8810.


Statute 102.475(1)

A sum equal to the 75% of the primary death benefit as of the date of death,
but not less than $50,000 to the persons wholly dependent on the deceased.
There are additional provisions for increasing the amount of the benefit if
there are more than four dependents.

The effect of “heart-related” causes on payment under this section:
The statute requires that the death arises from “an accidental injury” while
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Benefits for Officers


Line-of-duty death is a possibility that police families must prepare for. The ability of survivors to cope with line-of-duty death is directly affected by the department’s reaction to the tragedy and the knowledge the family has concerning their rights and benefits.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide police families and agencies with general information about benefits to families in the event of a line-of-duty death. This booklet is not a legal document nor is it intended to serve as a legal interpretation of existing statues. In fact, information on the death benefits listed may have been changed through legislation or contract negotiations without our knowledge. This document is for information only.

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Wisconsin Police Journal


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Volume 85, No. 4 – October 2017October 2017

  • Statewide Critical Incident Update
  • Inaugural Milwaukee Bucks Back the Badge night
  • Fentanyl Safety Alert
  • 2017 WPPA Golf Scramble
  • Softball Tournament Raises $9,000 for MoV
  • WCAN Update
  • WPPA Pistol Shoot 2017
  • Retirees Corner

July 2017Volume 85, No. 3 – July 2017

  • We Remember Anthony Borostowski
  • WPPA Hosts Law Enforcement Youth Academy
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