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WPPA 2020 Convention Canceled

Due to the coronavirus pandemic facing our state and nation, the WPPA’s upcoming convention April 25-26 has been canceled.

Once we have a greater sense of certainty about the future, we intend to make alternate arrangements to celebrate our 2020 service award winners.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope all of you stay safe and healthy.

Continue reading for information on refunds.

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On February 28, Gov. Tony Evers signed into law bipartisan legislation establishing uniform regulations and guidelines for the use, maintenance, and storage of body-worn cameras and the data they collect. The result of a multi-year lobbying effort by law enforcement, open records advocates, privacy advocates, and others, the new law went into effect March 1.


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The WPPA Releases
2019 OIS Data

When the WPPA began tracking and reporting data on officer-involved shootings in 2014, it became the first and only entity in Wisconsin to do so.  That remains just as true today. As the state’s largest law enforcement group, the WPPA represents the vast majority of officers involved in these types of critical incidents. The WPPA’s data collection efforts helps us manage our resources, inform the general public about the realities of policing, and strengthen our crucial role as the voice of the Wisconsin’s law enforcement community.


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The new law provides that, if a city, village, or town pays health insurance premiums for its law enforcement officers, that entity must continue to pay the premiums for the surviving spouse and dependent children of an officer who dies in the line of duty. Premium payments on behalf of a surviving spouse terminate when a spouse remarries or reaches age 65. Premium payments on behalf of a dependent child terminate when the child reaches age 26.

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The WPPA's
Extended Legal
Protection Plan

The dangers you face on a daily basis are not limited to the streets that you patrol. Increasingly around the country, law enforcement is being targeted by ambitious prosecutors hoping to win political points and opportunistic civil attorneys eager to score quick settlements. Through the WPPA’s Extended Legal Protection Plan, we can provide you with an additional safety net of legal coverage to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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